Cobán, Guatemala

ABout us

AMI International School (AMIIS) is a private, Christian school in Cobán, Guatemala.
Following the widely successful dual language model, our school aims to equip the students to graduate being fully bilingual and biliterate in both English and Spanish. Additionally, our hope is that the students will also receive a solid biblical foundation through their time at AMIIS and will use their knowledge and faith in God to transform their communities.

We are currently in the process of pursuing an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), so that our students will have the opportunities to further their education in universities in the United States.



We expect students who graduate from AMI International School to become God-honoring and capable human beings, prepared to succeed in college, pursue meaningful careers, and transform communities for the glory of God.


AMIIS serves Guatemala and the nations by providing an excellent
and purposeful education that prepares students—spiritually,
academically and socially—to transform their world.

Our core values

God's Image
Every individual is created in God’s image and is called to serve one another in love, unity, and humility.
The purpose of schooling is to create opportunities for success and guide all learners, both students and adults, to follow their calling and purpose in life, think critically about the world around them, and collectively redeem the world for Christ.
Word of God
The Word of God is authoritative and necessary for the formation of Christian character.


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