January 30, 2000
Futsal, soccer, music
Came to Insan Permata: 
When I grow up, I want to be: 
A public administration government worker


Jefry is 18 years old and just started college this year. He first came to the orphanage when he was 10 years old. He has two sisters (Indah, Sry). His mother had passed away due to a tragic motorbike accident. His father was not able to raise him and his sisters (Indah, Sry) so his mom’s friend who used to work at Insan Permata brought the children to the orphanage.

Jefry was a nominal Christian before the orphanage but it was at the orphanage that he began to grow in his faith. He learned to pray and read the Scriptures, and he also learned what it means to serve.

When asked to describe Pastor Jonedy in one word, Jefry said love. He recalls a moment where he made a bad decision in his life and how Pastor Jonedy approached him very tenderly as a father and comforted, disciplined, and loved him. He experienced the love of God in that moment.

Jefry goes and sees his real father once a month. There is a lot of brokenness and not too much of a relationship but they still manage to meet up and talk about school and life. Jefry is now studying public administration at his college and is a straight A student.