July 21, 1999
Swimming and dancing
Came to Insan Permata: 
When I grow up, I want to be: 
A hotel manager or a tax collector


Roma is 18 years old and came to the orphanage in 2013. Although her older sister and brother never came to Insan Permata, she has two younger siblings at the orphanage: Lampita and Berkat. Her mother had passed away and her father was ill. Due to the circumstances, her auntie introduced her to the orphanage and brought them here.

Before she came to the orphanage, Roma did not really believe in anything religious. She liked to have motorbike races with her friends, which she claims was very naughty of her…However, as she came to the orphanage she started to believe. She saw the orphans filled with joy because they had a relationship with the living God, and she assumed that God must be good. The strong sense of community and discipleship of at Insan Permata helped her believe and she has made it a habit to pray, read the Bible, and serve at the church. She has also learned a lot from the short-term mission teams that have come to visit.

Roma is in vocational school pursuing a career in hotel management.