JoshUA & Christina Kim

Seattle Upper Room

To share what church is as God originally intended in scripture and follow God’s blueprint in building the church according to the Father’s heart.

Prayer Request
  • For the city of Seattle as it recovers from the aftermath of incredible change
  • For divine appointments through AMI, its extended network, and in the city
  • To continue to hear His voice as God goes before us
  • Protection over our and every family that will be joining us
Josh and Christina started in two different places before their paths became one in the Lord. They met in Atlanta, where Josh received his calling into ministry at the Journey Church of Atlanta where he served throughout his 20s as a pastor.

Feeling that God wanted to prepare him for what is next, he and Christina found their way to the Church of Southland in Southern California where they deepened their understanding of God’s heart for His people.

Now, they are heading to Seattle, where God calls them to take part in His work. Josh and Christina, along with their two beautiful daughters Amelia and Hazel, are excited to do life with their new family in Seattle, sharing the things they love with their new family in Seattle. They love to eat. They love to eat with people. They love to play.  Josh likes coffee while Christina loves chocolate ice cream. And most all, they love Jesus.